Forklift Material Handling Equipment Support Services in MI & IN

In order to provide single source solutions to our valued customers, Hull Lift Truck has assembled a comprehensive collection of support services available at our Fort Wayne and Elkhart, Indiana and Benton Harbor and Grand Rapids / Kentwood, Michigan locations serving areas like South Bend, Michigan City, Lansing, Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis. To schedule any of the following services, use our Online Scheduling service call form.

· Fork replacement

· Brake maintenance

· Hydraulic system service

· Cooling system service

· Transmission service

· Tune-up service

· Steam clean and paint


Hull’s Fabrication Shop expands the meaning of customer service. In-house repairs allow Hull Lift Truck to get customers’ equipment up and running quickly, economically, and with high quality. Repairs are performed by the people you know and trust at Hull Lift Truck in IN and MI.

Custom repairs are only one part of the Fab Shop’s story. We also fabricate custom parts and accessories for your material handling equipment. The following are examples of repair services and fabrication services our Fab Shop offers:

Repair Services

· Cylinder tubes and shafts

· Drive axle housing

· Mast repairs and cut-downs

· Frame repairs and straightening

· Fork straightening

· Overhead guard repairs

Fabrication Services

· Fork extensions

· Carpet booms

· Spreader Beams

· Overhead guards

· Stack racks

· Custom fit parts

The choice of tires used on a forklift can have a substantial impact on operating cost and performance. Hull Lift Truck offers tires that meet the most stringent standards for performance, durability and operator comfort. We have tires available in several different compounds for specific applications for any make and model of forklift. To find the tires that are right for your application, call Hull Lift Truck’s industrial tire specialists.

Experience the difference from the value-added leader. Not only do we replace your tires, but we also inspect your brakes, make adjustments as needed and re-pack your wheel bearings.

Tire Replacement Service includes the following benefits:

· On-site tire pressing and installation

· Inspect brakes and adjust as needed

· Re-pack wheel bearings

· Wide range of sizes in stock

· Wide range of compounds available for specific applications

· Flexible scheduling for your convenience

· Fast installation to minimize downtime

· Competitive pricing

· Disposal of old tires

Emissions Testing

When cold weather arrives and overhead doors are closed, the need to have properly functioning emissions systems is critical for the safety of your employees. Lift trucks can emit high levels of deadly gases when not maintained properly. With our state-of-the-art Bridge Analyzers, we can inspect your lift trucks for emission system faults and correct any problems.